Moving To Canada? What You Should Expect

15 September 2014
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If you live in the United States and moving to Canada, there are things you need to prepare for. You will find that some things are the same, but others that are different. Knowing this information, can help you feel more comfortable in this country.


In the United States, milk comes in gallon, half gallon, and less cartons. When you move to Canada, however, you will get your milk from a bag instead. They usually store the milk in a jug or pitcher, cutting one of the corners off to allow pouring.

Health Care

All citizens are guaranteed that they will receive free healthcare. Even though it is free, however, the province that you live in will decide if it will cover certain benefits, such as drug coverage and dental care. Many Canadians choose to purchase a private insurance policy to cover what the health care system does not. They also may have a plan through their employer.

You get healthcare through a publicly funded care system. The providers you will go to are provided by private entities. The government reimburses doctors for their services.


In Canada, you will find two official languages, English and French. It is a good idea to learn the French language before you move there. There are more French speaking people in the Quebec province, however.


The population of Canada is 35.3 million people, versus the population of the United States at approximately 318 million people, even though Canada is 3.8 million square miles, and the United States is 3.71 million square miles.

Prostitution and Smoking

It is not legal to have brothels in Canada in some states, but prostitution is legal everywhere.

If you plan to smoke a cigarette, you have to be at least 10 meters away from the establishment. You will find that most people there frown upon it, however.


It can get very cold in Canada. It not uncommon to see the weather dip down to -11 and under degrees Celsius, at the extreme it has gotten down to below -50 C. You need to bring along some very warm clothing if you are moving here.

The average yearly snowfall can get up to 111 inches in some area, with over 80 inches common in Quebec.

As you can see, there are some differences to be aware of if you are moving to Canada. A real estate agent, such as Mac's Realty Ltd, can fill you in on more specific difference based on where you plan on living.