Securing Your Own Business Has Substantial Disadvantages

22 December 2014
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Entrepreneurs like to do things their own way, which can have certain advantages in the business world. However, there are certain areas where it does not pay to go it alone – particularly when it comes to security. Security companies in Canada try to tell potential clients this time and again, but it is unfortunately often only after a security breach has occurred that private businesses understand the need for professional security services.

Understand Why Hiring A Security Company Is Superior

There are several disadvantages that come from trying to watch over a business on your own, including:

  • Increased risk – This is the most obvious issue. You can install security cameras, you can even live above your business and stay up all night, but none of this will deliver the same level of security that a professional company can. Thieves are often quite observant, and they tend to look for easy targets. Businesses that do not have a sign displaying the security company that protects their building – or better yet, visible mobile security officers patrolling the area – are seen as more attractive targets. Criminals know that the likelihood of a successful attack goes up when a business is without security support.

  • Increased stress – Running a business is hard work in most cases. This is true even when you are in no danger of burglary or robbery. But when you add in worries about the safety of your store, your office, or your warehouse, you greatly increase your stress level. It is similar to when you try to run your business all alone. Trying to take care of accounting, stocking, merchandising, advertising, customer service, deliveries, and all the other aspects of the business, is a bit much for one person. But when you hire employees to fill those roles, you are freed to think about bigger things. Security is similar. You can try to do it yourself, but isn't your energy better spent on building your business?

  • Loss of time – Going through security tapes, watching for break-ins, looking out for shoplifters are all huge time sinks.

Security is a business expense, like any other. Either you try to cover the cost personally, or you work it into your business and hire an outside party. For most entrepreneurs, it is more than worth the additional cost to bring in professionals, like those at Finch Security, so they can spend their time doing other, more important things.