Choosing An Apartment To Rent When You Have Children: What To Consider

28 December 2014
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog


Children and all their stuff take up a lot of room, so you already know that any apartment you choose needs to have enough bedrooms and storage for your kids and their sheer amount of belongings. There are, however, other things to take into consideration when you're searching for the perfect apartment for your family.

The landlord of each apartment you're considering will be a wealth of essential information, but do your own inspection and observations before settling on your next home:

Consider Safety

Apartment buildings aren't necessarily designed with children in mind, but that doesn't mean that you can't find one that's completely safe for your little ones. Inspect the obvious dangers, such as the elevator, the railing on any balconies, whether the outside play area or community pool has a fence and that any outside play equipment is in good repair.

Consider safety inside the apartment unit, too. Check to see if there is a banister that will protect your children from falls down the stairs and whether there is a barrier around the fireplace. Look to see if there is a place to store potentially dangerous things, such as laundry soap and cleaning supplies, out of your kids' reach.

You'll also want to consider the safety of any doors and windows that are in the bedroom your children will sleep in. Look to see whether they have good, strong locks.

Find Out About Entertainment

No, you can't expect the apartment management to keep your children entertained for you, but you might want to consider a complex that has things for your kids to do. Aside from a playground and pool, many apartment complexes keep a well-stocked library of books and movies your children might enjoy. Many apartments also have an all-purpose room that you can reserve for things such as your child's birthday party, a movie night or a space to spread out and do an art project.

Think About Location

When it's just grown-ups, all you really have to think about is how close your apartment is to where you work. When you have kids, you also need to consider proximity to schools, doctors' and dentists' offices and the places where your children participate in extra-curricular activities such as swimming, soccer or ballet. If you have older children, the time it takes to drop them off and pick them up at friends' houses is also an important consideration.

Renting out an apartment is easy enough. However, for the best outcome and to look out for the safety of your children, do a little legwork and investigation yourself. For more help, or if you have other questions, contact a company like Renters Guide.