Survival Tips For Moving With Small Children

2 January 2015
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Moving across the country when you have small children in tow can be exciting on one hand, and nerve-racking on the other. Of course, this is mostly because two hands is not enough when it comes to a feat such as moving long distances with small children. However, with a bit of planning and these survival tips, the ordeal may be more of a memorable adventure. Here are a few tips and ideas that may help.

Rent an RV

When the movers arrive, you'll need to keep your children safely out of the way, right? And you have a long road ahead of you to your destination. So, why not rent an RV to make things easier? While the movers are in your home preparing your things for the move, your children can be kept entertained and safe in the RV. Use the RV at your destination to keep your children out of the mover's way, and perhaps to sleep in the first night or two while everything gets settled into your new home.

Pack the RV Right

Before the movers arrive, make sure you and your children get the most essential items into the RV so they don't accidentally get packed into the moving truck. In this case, the essential items are their favorite toys, sippy cups and medicine in case they get sick on the drive to your new home. Take their pillows and their favorite loveys or blankets. Another essential to not forget is some form of electronic entertainment for when you are driving. Pack non-messy snacks and drinks for the road.

Buy D-Rings & Cords

If you are a single parent, ask a friend or relative to sit with your kids in the RV while you help the movers navigate through your belongings on packing day. Or, you can purchase a few D-ring clips and bungee cords to use as spare hands to keep your children close to you when you need to assist the movers. Simply clip a D-ring for each child to a belt loop, and attach a bungee cord to the D-ring. Then, have the children grab hold of the cord so they can follow you around and stay out of the moving company's way. 

Moving with small children can be complicated enough with just the logistics of it all. Make the move an easy one by renting an RV. For more moving tips, contact a local moving company, like R & R Movers