Winter Moving Tips

2 January 2015
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Moving in winter presents its own challenges that must be taken into consideration. Follow these tips for the smoothest move possible. 

Be Careful of Temperature-Sensitive Items

There are many items in your home that are sensitive to cold winter temperatures. As you pack these items and take the boxes into your new home, keep in mind that you shouldn't store them for too long in an unheated location (like the garage, moving truck or basement). 

  • Porcelain and fine china. Good china plates may develop cracks from freezing temperatures.
  • Paint. Paint can freeze and this can cause it to break down into chunks.
  • Wood. Some unfinished wood can become warped or cracked through frequent freezing and thawing. 

Give Your Plants Special Consideration

You may not pack your plants into boxes, but if you're planning to transport them to your new home in a moving truck, the plants should be the last packed into the back of the truck, and the first thing unloaded in your new home. If your home is several hours away, your plants may not survive the freezing temperatures. If this is the case, consider donating your plants to local charity, school or church, or give your plants to neighbors and friends in your area. 

Keep Your Move Date Flexible

It's impossible to know when winter storms will get in your way. Trying to move when it's hailing, snowing or sleeting outside can be dangerous for you and your movers. Keep your move date flexible so you can move at a time when the weather is optimal--or at least not dangerous. 

Invest in Cheap Mats

It may be wet and gross outside when you move into your new home. Invest in some cheap mats and rugs to protect your floor from the slush and salt that may be dragged in by your movers and family as you take boxes into the house from the truck. 

Turn Your Gas and Electric on Well Before Your Move Date

Call the gas and electric company several weeks before your move to ensure that service is turned on before you move into your new home. With temperatures outside dropping to dangerous temperatures in the evenings, having heat and electricity in your new home is more important in winter than at other times of the year. 

Hire a Professional Moving Company

Now more than ever, you need the help of a professional moving company like Wiebe's Moving & Storage. Winter is a time when slush and snow litters the ground, making it difficult to lift heavy boxes and even more difficult to drive a bulky moving truck. Professional movers will have experience moving under these conditions, and will also have the advantage of being very comfortable driving moving trucks. For the safest move possible, contact a reputable moving company in your community.