Tucked Away Safely: A Close Look At New Safe Designs

4 January 2015
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For centuries, people have been concerned about the well-being of their personal valuables. Therefore, it became common practice to put money and jewelry in tin cans or jars and bury them in a certain area for protection. However, with the invention of safes, everything changed. Individuals actually had a reliable place to keep their items that could be concealed inside of the home instead of buried in the ground where it was all too easy to lose a specific location. Those simple locked boxes are still around, but if you really want to feel secure about where you store your belongings, it is worth the time to learn about new options that are available.

Bio-Identification Protected Safes

Instead of the traditional lock and key that is all too easy for a crook to hack, you should take a look at some of the new ways that safes are being made secure. Bio-identification technology has made it possible to pair traditional locking mechanisms with identifiers that boast incredible personal security. The safe can only be opened with input from the right user, such as a fingerprint, retinal scan, or voice recognition. Because there is a less than slim chance of having someone with the same bioidentifiers as yourself, it is nearly impossible for someone to get into the safe besides you.

Safes that use bio-identification technology are some of the most upstanding in the market, and are available through most locksmiths. Once your safe is delivered, the locksmith will work with you to help you set up the identifier to your personal traits, as this can be a complex process.

Extraordinary Safe Designs

Safes have been commonly tucked away in walls, behind portraits, and even underground for a long time. However, the most modern safes take being tucked away to an entirely different level. With these safes, it is not so much about being hidden from sight, but being hidden in plain sight. This means that safes are being created that look like everyday, ordinary objects. Some of the most popular include:

  • Safes designed to look like food, such as a head of lettuce or gallon of milk
  • Functional safes, like a television with a false bottom
  • Creatively designed safes that are implemented right into the home, such as light fixtures or false pipelines

While the modern safe has came a long way from a simple fire-proof box and a lock, the same crucial purpose remains. Allowing people a secure place to keep the material possessions important to them is a vital aspect of feeling secure. If you are looking for a new way to keep your belongings protected, check with a local locksmith like Security Door Lock-Up Services Inc to find out more about the incredible ways the safe has evolved.