Four Things You Could Be Doing Wrong When You And Your Employees Clean Your Business

21 January 2015
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If you own a business, ensuring that it is clean is important even if your business does not involve dealing with the general public. Unsanitary conditions can lead to employees missing time from work due to illness. If clutter or liquid waste is involved, job accidents could also occur. Perhaps you have a cleaning routine in place, but sometimes what looks clean to the naked eye is not always clean. Here are some mistakes that you and your employees may be making when cleaning.

Cleaning Quickly

If your employees have to perform cleaning duties in addition to their day-to-day work, they may speed through the cleaning in an effort not to fall behind on their primary job duties. This can mean that bacteria and viruses may still be present on surfaces. For example, some disinfectants may need to soak or sit for a certain length of time to kill bacteria and viruses. If a worker simply sprays and wipes surfaces, germs may be left behind. 

Misconception that More is Better

People who are not trained to professionally clean may assume that using more of a cleaning solution will result in better cleaning. This is not always the case, and cleaning solutions need to be used according to the manufacturers' labels. Fumes could be released if too much of a cleaning solution is used. 

Improper Use of Cleaning Solutions

Combining certain cleaning solutions can release harmful vapors. Your employees may attempt to combine cleaning solutions in an effort to get things thoroughly cleaned, but this is dangerous. It also ill-advised for you or your workers to use a "smell test" to determine the effectiveness of cleaning products. Just because certain cleaners have a strong smell to them does not mean that they are better than others. The strong scents could be the result of deodorizers rather than disinfectants. 

Misunderstanding Proper Cleaning

You may think that by cleaning a surface, you have removed all microbes. This is not always the case. If you have had several employees out of work due to illness, you may need to sanitize and disinfect surfaces. You would start by cleaning the surfaces. Ensure you remove all stubborn spots even if they are small. This should be followed up with a sanitizing routine, which will likely kill a good number of bacteria. You can also follow the sanitizing with disinfecting to kill viruses. 

The best resource to use for your commercial cleaning needs is a professional company. You may elect to have employees perform light duty cleaning, and you can leave the deep cleaning responsibilities to the experts. Hiring a cleaning company for all of your cleaning needs could promote employee productivity since employees can focus on their core duties and not be distracted by cleaning duties. 

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