2 Reasons To Take Advantage Of A Property Management Service

8 May 2015
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog


A property management company is a fantastic service to take advantage of, mostly because they can make managing a rental property so much easier. Below are two beneficial outcomes of letting a property management service help you with your rental property.

Happier Tenants

One of the things that can make a tenant in a rental property quite upset is if it is very difficult to get in touch with the property owner, or if it takes a long time to address the tenant's concerns. However, if you own multiple rental properties, it can be extremely difficult to find the time to help each tenant out quickly. This problem becomes even worse if you do not live near the properties that you are renting out.

Thankfully, a property management company can step in and handle your tenants' concerns quickly. In many cases, a property management company can provide your tenants with someone that they can speak to whenever they need to.

The management company can respond to tenant complaints about noisy neighbors, or dispatch maintenance personnel if the tenant reports a problem in his or her apartment, as well as numerous other issues. Tenants that feel like their concerns are being addressed quickly will be happy tenants, and happy tenants are more likely to renew their leases and recommend your property to their friends and family.

Higher-Quality Tenants

A big concern for many property owners is that they will end up renting to a tenant that will actually bring down the environment of the community or that the tenant will not pay his or her rent. However, a property management company can help you avoid that issue by thoroughly screening all applicants.

The property management company will look for tenants that meet your criteria. For example, you can have the company screen applicants for past evictions and bankruptcies. These issues can potentially remove tenants that have a history of not being able to pay their bills. 

You can also screen for certain types of criminal records. In that situation, you can ask the company to reject any tenants who have convictions on their records for violent crimes. This can remove potential confrontations between your tenants and help avoid any disruptive influences from your rental community.

Speak to a property management company today in order to discuss the many tasks that they can take on for you. This type of service can help you get higher-quality tenants into your rental properties, while also keeping those tenants happy. If you're interested in hiring a property management company, contact Connelly & Company Management Ltd.